EDI with my Customers

EDI with my Customers

EDI with your Customers


Have you been asked to trade electronically with your customers using EDI?


  • Do you want a greater presence in the major retailers?
  • Would you like to reach new retail markets nationally or internationally?
  • Did you know that EDI is a requirement to trade with the majority of major retailers?

How Celtrino can help


Celtrino evaluate, design and implement end-to-end EDI Solutions that connect you electronically with your retail customers, and allow you to quickly onboard additional retail trading partners.


Any document format

Celtrino’s EDI solution allows you and your trading partner to exchange EDI documents in any format. It can be an industry based standard like UN/EDIFACT, XML or ANSI X12  or a format which might be specific to your trading partner or their business system.


Greater efficiency and better responsiveness

As well as getting your product on the shelves, Celtrino’s EDI managed service helps you to reduce your dependancy on administration. We deliver fast and efficient order and invoice processing in your supply chain, which can scale easily with projected increases in sales volume.  You increase both your responsiveness and customer service levels and you are better placed to meet customer demands and requirements.

With 30 years experience in the field, Celtrino are strategic partners that work with you to expand your sales base, sales channels and help you increase your margins.


Connect to your Trading partners


Celtrino connect to all the major retailers across the grocery, pharma, hardware and homeware sectors.