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Accounts Payable

Celtrino Accounts Payable

Celtrino’s TradeHub Accounts Payable (AP) Service validates and matches supplier invoices against a customer’s selected criteria


This criteria may include price and quantity information on a goods received note, for example.

If an invoice does not match the criteria set, it will be automatically rejected. As a result of this, the Supplier is notified of the issue – allowing them to amend the invoice to meet the expected values.

The buyer can also choose to override the failure, however, and accept the discrepancy. They can set ‘tolerances’ to accept a value above or below the invoice price that is deemed acceptable.

With the AP Service, invoices only enter the buyer’s back office systems when they have passed through validation. As a result, this ensures that only clean data enters into their system.



Celtrino’s AP service provides:


  • Real-time validation and reconciliation of invoices
  • A means of eliminating the need to manually track, trace and store paper invoices
  • A way to remove the back and forth between suppliers and buyers, in an attempt to determine reasons for any invoice discrepancies. The system allows suppliers to identify and correct their mistakes more easily.
  • Visibility to the supplier as to the stage the invoice is at in the process and why it may have been rejected.
  • Visibility to the customer on invoices that have outstanding errors for the supplier to address, and also what invoices they have yet to receive.
  • Invoice matching
  • Clean data (only approved invoices are fed into your back office system)
  • Users with means to avoid late payment penalties – improving supplier relationships


TradeHub solves the following AP pain-points:


  • Dealing with large volumes of invoices coming from different suppliers, in different formats, from different means (e.g. fax, email, PDF).
  • Difficulties in validating that invoices received are reflective of the goods received – and at the expected price.
  • Spending a lot of time trying to resolve invoice discrepancies with suppliers.
  • Errors arising as a result of manual data entry – often the same invoice needs to be inputted in several different places. complicated further if involve currency conversion
  • Costs associated with storing, archiving and auditing documents.

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