Best Deal Sourcing

Best Deal Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing


Celtrino’s Strategic Sourcing Solution, ‘Best Deal Sourcing’, allows retailers/ buying groups/ wholesalers to order products with a best-matched supplier.


This is based on pre-determined criteria, such as price, availability, minimum order values and delivery time.

When a buyer needs to replenish stock/order more products, rather than ordering from a particular supplier, Celtrino’s ‘best deal’ systems will automatically match the buyer with a best-fit supplier, from a supplier catalogue.

A buyer can also choose what supplier to trade with from the catalogue, and they can also exclude particular suppliers based on specific criteria.

The system manages the whole transaction from order right through to product delivery.



Best Deal Sourcing Benefits


  • Saves costs by automatically matching a buyer’s product request with a best-fit supplier.
  • Simplifies the ordering process and removes decision making.
  • Buyers can automatically try alternate suppliers if the best fit can’t fulfil their requirements.
  • Best Deal Sourcing can be seamlessly integrated into a buyer’s existing EPOSs and accounts packages.

As well as this, Best Deal Sourcing enables smaller retailers/wholesalers to compete with the major players in terms of access to suppliers.

Smaller Retailers are often faced with the following challenges


  • Lacking buying power compared with their large retailer counterparts. As wholesaler consolidation grows, this gives the bigger retailers even more access to undercut suppliers.
  • Needing to drive to cash and carries to collect produce.
  • Manually counting and re-ordering stock.
  • Maintaining well stocked shelves with in date produce.
  • Dealing with erratic supplier delivery times, damaged goods, and short dated stock.

Overall, Best Deal Sourcing gives smaller retailers direct access to a wider range of suppliers/wholesalers, and higher buying power.


Best Deal Sourcing for Suppliers


In turn suppliers can also benefit from ‘Best Deal Sourcing’. The solution enables them to become accessible to new buyers via a Marketplace.

Over the past few years, major retailer consolidation has led to prices being driven down by a few large retail players. This in turn affects supplier margins. Best Deal Sourcing gives suppliers access to smaller, more localized players. As a result this provides them with more control over their products.

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