TradeHub, our full end-to-end modern platform for supply chain, connects different business systems and trading partners


For any growing business with a mix of applications, databases and systems, the issue of creating connectivity across the organisation is fundamental.  With TradeHub, Celtrino offers that ability to connect. It is a collaborative and integrated solution that links disparate platforms, systems, processes and trading partners.

And with it connecting your systems, the effort in making multiple data entries and manually synching data becomes redundant. As it automates order, invoice, fulfilment, stock and product information synchronisation between your various systems and stakeholders, it allows you get a complete picture across all of your channels. It’s a solution that can be intelligently adapted to meet your specific needs to drive competitive advantage.

It’s an innovative unified trading and communications network that has been specifically designed to deliver a leaner supply chain and bring customised solutions to your organisation.




  • Is delivered on a single, integrated platform
  • Links different platforms, systems, processes and trading partners
  • Delivers total visibility on orders, stock, deliveries
  • Delivers end-to-end quality, service and efficiency across all your trading processes
  • Connected systems mean single data entry, no manual synchronization and no unnecessary spreadsheets
  • Is a future proofed design and is scalable for e-Commerce and web services

Celtrino TradeHub Offerings


Celtrino’s TradeHub is the complete transformative tool that provides businesses with a comprehensive integration solution to keep the whole business connected. Using TradeHub to keep all your applications, services, and systems integrated, can take your business further.

Here is a selection of the different TradeHub offerings we have:



Integration Services



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