What if you could

Get paid faster

Avoid unforeseen
data errors

Prevent scam opportunities and
cyber-security breaches

Increase the accuracy
of your eProcurement transfers

And unlock opportunities to grow your business…

Well now you can with Peppol

As your government agency buyer, we’re moving to a Peppol enabled eProcurement and eInvoice solution.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Peppol?

Peppol makes eProcurement and eInvoicing to public sector customers in Ireland easier.
It provides small and micro businesses (like you) with an opportunity to trade on a more regular basis with government bodies (like us).

The Opportunity for SME Business Growth

By developing and implementing common standards for eProcurement, Peppol enables SMEs to provide goods and services to any public sector organisation in Ireland and indeed further afield as Peppol continues to roll-out across the globe.

Unlock the Power of Peppol with Celtrino Peppol Connect

Increase the Accuracy
of Your Invoices

Uniform Way to Do

Improve Your Record

Why register for
Celtrino Peppol Connect?

There’s no cost to you


Celtrino will do the work to get you set up on the application


One simple connection connects your business to a world of new opportunities


Register today and a Celtrino representative will assist you in becoming Peppol ready.

What People Are Saying About
Peppol Connect

What People Are Saying About Peppol Connect

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