Public bodies have never had more need to trade electronically

The new EU Directive on electronic invoicing has been implemented across Europe this year, and the use of PEPPOL transactions are growing across Europe overall.
As your suppliers start to send more invoices by electronic means, manually processing and sorting this data will eventually become a large burden on your business. As your electronic trading activity increases, there is only so much manual inputting of data into business systems that you will be able to handle. It will continue to eat up your costs and resources. Not only that but manually keying in data brings a level of risk – information can easily be overlooked, or mistyped.

Celtrino automatically integrate your PEPPOL messages into your existing businesses systems, ensuring that the data is always correct and that it can be accessed anywhere, at any time, and by any authorized individual in the business. We fully manage the conversion of documents and the transmission of information.

Celtrino’s PEPPOL integration solution enables you to view and manage all your PEPPOL messages, from the one platform. We support multiple file formats and connection protocols.

For businesses with high monthly volumes of invoices and orders, PEPPOL integration is a necessity.

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