Peppol Access Points

Peppol Access Points.

The Celtrino access point provides network connectivity to the global Peppol Network.

Peppol is a range of technical specifications and standards that enable public bodies and their suppliers to automate information exchange, and to trade simply, with a single network infrastructure and single standardised suite of business documents.

Peppol grew out of a European Commission initiative to facilitate cross border commerce, improve transparency in public procurement and encourage paperless transactions.

Buying organisations and their suppliers access the Peppol network via access points. Peppol access point providers, such as Celtrino, enable the transfer of business documents, such as orders and invoices, over the Peppol transport infrastructure.

In 2012, Celtrino became the first Peppol access point provider in Ireland. On April 2019, Celtrino won a Tender, from the Irish Office of Government Procurement, to become the preferred supplier to provide e-invoicing services to Irish public bodies.

The Celtrino access point is connected to the Celtrino TradeHub platform which provides access to our wide range of purchase to pay, order to cash, e-commerce and EDI services.

As a Peppol access point provider, Celtrino can help you get connected quickly and easily with what is becoming the standard method for the exchange of electronic documents across Europe.

As a company we have unrivalled Peppol experience plus 30 years of e-procurement knowledge.

We have been involved with Peppol since its inception and were one of the initial contributors to the standard.  In addition, we also were a founder member of OpenPeppol – the group now responsible for the promotion and development of the standard.

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