Celtrino project success

Celtrino project success

22 Oct 2020

Celtrino have recently been involved in an ongoing project with both Educampus and Unit4, to provide a solution for approximately 17 Irish educational institutions to process Peppol BIS 3 invoices and credit notes.

Educampus delivers IT and management information services to the Irish education sector (mainly the institutes of technology) whilst Unit4 is a provider of cloud based ERP software to service organisations.

Invoice delivered!

At this juncture in the project we are able to announce that a test e-invoice has been successfully delivered to Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) the intended recipient, from a supplier organisation.

Celtrino, as one of the 2 Access Points in the classic 4-corner model, initially used our AS4 gateway to accept the invoice in a Peppol BIS3 format from the supplier (via the other Access Point). We then applied institution level business logic rules to convert it into an Agresso XML standard document which was then forwarded to Letterkenny IT where it was successfully integrated into their own back office.

Celtrino tend to excel at this type of project where a mix of business, technical and communication skills is required to manage a combination of clients and their third party solution providers.

At Celtrino, we continuously strive to show how e-invoicing can help organisations to modernise their invoicing services and systems and make them more efficient and effective.

This invoice delivery is yet another progressive step to facilitate the uptake of e-invoicing and we would like to acknowledge the continued good work of all the contributors made to date in the project.


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