Celtrino now provide Peppol services in Australia

Celtrino now provide Peppol services in Australia

2 Oct 2020

Celtrino is now legally accredited as a provider of Peppol services to Australian businesses and Government bodies

Celtrino is pleased to announce that we have received legal accreditation as a provider of Peppol services in Australia. This is a highly significant development for the company and means that Celtrino Peppol Connect services can now be marketed throughout the country. Celtrino has demonstrated that its information security management systems are of the highest quality and are business ready.

The authorised Celtrino Peppol services include Service Metadata Publisher Provision and Access Point Provision. Peppol Connect is a cloud based suite of managed services for securely exchanging business documents such as e-invoices. These e-business documents conform to international standards that are presently in use worldwide. Peppol Connect includes plug-in add-ons for both accounts payable and accounts receivable workflows. With Celtrino Peppol products, you can instantly discover the digital business capability of your trading partners and simply step into tomorrow’s world today.


For further information and partnering opportunities, please email our CEO at [email protected].


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