Fulfillment Management

Fulfillment Management

Fulfillment Management

Have you got an error-filled, labour-intensive order fulfillment process?

Do you find yourself putting effort into constantly typing up orders, trying to sort financial disputes with your suppliers, or even attempting to figure out what inventory is exactly in your warehouse?

If so then you need a good fulfillment management solution from Celtrino

With Celtrino, you get the type of fulfillment solution you need to automate your order fulfillment quickly and efficiently.

Celtrino enables your company to initially deploy electronic sales order processing before automating the sales order fulfilment process, eliminating both re-keying errors and time wasted in entering data.

Sales orders can be accepted in any document format and the data can then be automatically loaded into your sales order processing system.

Order fulfillment includes the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering order items to the intended customer. The order is sent to the warehouse, the ordered goods are identified and are successfully picked up from the warehouse.
In an efficient process, workers involved in such a process will know exactly where to locate all the items within a warehouse in order to prepare the orders for shipment.
In Celtrino, we have the expertise to help understand your requirements and find the best solution for your company.

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