Ex Barbarian Rory Tackles Sports Drink Market

Ex Barbarian Rory Tackles Sports Drink Market

9 Aug 2017
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How we helped CocoPro gain the edge…


When injury forced Rory Lawson to retire from professional rugby, he focused his talents on launching a sports nutrition business.

Rory Lawson was capped 31 times by Scotland and featured in two Rugby Worlds Cups and multiple Six Nations campaigns.

After 11 years of professional rugby, Lawson picked up a chronic wrist injury which ended his playing career.

With the help of pal Damien Kennedy and an MA in Business Studies, Lawson is now enjoying success having launched CocoPro, high protein coconut water.


Better-for-you products


Combining two fast growing sectors – coconut water and the protein market – Coco Pro sits right in the sweet spot of the ‘health’ market with consumers hunting down better-for-you products.

As the business expands, the big challenge facing CocoPro is being stocked by the larger retailers and supermarket chains.

For any food and drink business competing in a tough market, being stocked by one of big multiples is a massive step forward.

Order and invoice processing is an integral part of the supply chain for producers, wholesalers and retailers of goods.

EDI replaces paper or electronic based documents like purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices with machine readable code.

EDI vastly improves the speed and accuracy of transactions. It’s often a requirement to trade with a large supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsburys.


Waitrose said we were required to use EDI to trade with them, we needed EDI to exchange purchase orders and invoices.


To be fair, Celtrino set up the EDI connection straight away, their Waitrose Managed Service really has been invaluable to Coco Pro and has allowed us to focus our attention on growing distribution and executing in store.’ Lawson adds.

With an army of followers, Coco Pro is fast becoming the post-workout or afternoon pick-me-up drink of choice for everyday athletes, fitness buffs, celebrities and busy workers alike.

With an optimal mix of the electrolytes and hydration from pure coconut water and beneficial amino acids from 20 grams of premium whey protein isolate, Coco Pro gives you everything you need in one convenient drink.

Rory Lawson and his team produce more than a drink. With a community of ambassadors who cover the spectrum from elite sports people to fitness instructors, they’re building a community who inspire and motivate each other.


Be your personal best


Their high protein coconut waters are only the beginning of the range with exciting new products coming to market later in 2017.

They hope to encourage people to ‘be your personal best’ pushing past their limitations and achieving something greater than they did before.

When it comes to expanding their own horizons, Rory says:


‘If you want your product on shelf, you’ll be asked to do EDI eventually, Celtrino really came through for us.’


As a quality player on the field, Rory Lawson competed at the highest level for 11 years, now Coco Pro is helping others gain the physical and mental edge every day.


If you want to gain the competitive edge, contact us to find out more about Celtrino’s EDI Managed service.

For more information call  +353 1 873 9900, email [email protected] or contact us here.

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