EU E-Invoicing Directive – Everything you need to know

EU E-Invoicing Directive – Everything you need to know

17 Feb 2020
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The E-Invoicing Compliance deadline is fast approaching. Are you ready for April 2020?


EU Directive 2014/55/EU stipulates that all sub-central Irish government bodies need to be compliant to receive and process invoices in electronic format by April 2020.


Sub-central bodies consist of:

  • – Universities, schools, colleges, institutes of technology
  • – Health/education department agencies
  • – Hospitals/section 38 agencies
  • – Section 39 agencies
  • – Other agencies (that are under the aegis of central government or health departments but are currently outside the scope of the sector shared service programme plans)


Irish central government agencies were required to be e-invoicing compliant by April 2019. In early 2019, Celtrino – as a result of a competitive tender process – were selected as the exclusive e-invoicing provider to central government agencies, and as rank one provider to sub-central government agencies, by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP). The OGP’s role is to mandate and govern the implementation of the European e-invoicing directive at national level in Ireland.

Celtrino worked first-hand with the central government agencies to achieve compliance before their April 2019 deadline, and as a result we developed a full understanding of the main concerns public bodies have around the directive and of any potential issues that may arise in the compliance process.

In order to alleviate any apprehensions sub-central agencies may have ahead of their imminent deadline, we have developed a short webinar, that is based on the learnings we obtained from setting up the central agencies. Our aim is to make the journey to compliance as smooth and as seamless as possible. The webinar is a one-size fits all informational piece on the directive, covering all the major aspects and addressing the most frequently asked questions such as how to comply with the directive, who exactly is eligible, what steps are involved, and how does Celtrino fit in.

The webinar can be downloaded via the following link.


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As the ranked one e-invoicing provider, Celtrino will work closely with all sub-central government agencies to achieve compliance ahead of April 2020. We successfully enabled all of the central government agencies to achieve compliance ahead of their deadline, and are currently busy working with many sub-central agencies to get them set up as early as possible.


Act now


Approximately 4000 public bodies have to sign up for compliance by April 2020 – beat the queue! Don’t risk being late for your compliance date.

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