EDI Premier Managed Service

EDI Premier Managed Service

What is a managed service?

Celtrino’s EDI Premier Managed Service is a full suite of outsourcing tools for your business’ existing EDI program which works to optimise all messaging transmitted via EDI. Our EDI PMS enables you to free up internal resources by letting us do all the hard work for you; saving you time, stress and money.

At its core, our EDI solution allows businesses to exchange purchase orders, invoices, advance shipping notices, and other business documents directly from one business system to the other, without the need for any human intervention. This can be managed in-house, however our PMS adds a layer of convenience to EDI, making it hassle-free. We take charge of setting you up on our system with our fast onboarding processes, monitoring all of your EDI connections and directly into your ERP system.


  • Freeing-up of staff resources
  • Reduced setup costs and onboarding times
  • We configure and maintain all your connections
  • 24/7 monitoring of all EDI messaging being transmitted

How does a 3PL work?

3PLs work by enabling your business to order products from manufacturers to be stored at a 3PL warehouse facility where it is then picked, packed and shipped to a customer once they place an order.