E-Commerce Integration

E-Commerce Integration

With ever increasing business demands for speed and efficiency, integration has become a necessity for many companies wanting to tap into the strength of e-Commerce. As companies have to deal with an ever expanding suite of different applications and increasing amounts of data, it is becoming extremely difficult to manually manage and coordinate everything. Companies need to ensure that the many existing applications they use can work together as seamless as possible, and that any additional applications can be incorporated promptly into a company’s overall business processes.

Having an integration solution empowers businesses to free up staff, move orders faster, and more efficiently relate to customers, with the result that they can focus on producing and selling their products

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Features of Celtrino’s e-commerce solution

Inventory management

Inform customers of any out-of-stock products.
When orders are dispatched, stock is automatically updated.

Channel management

Manage all your online marketplaces from one dashboard. Keep quantities synchronized across each channel.

Order management

View order status for all sales. Avoid running out of stock and overselling. See orders from all your sales channels in one place.

Shipping - Fulfillment

Fulfill orders easily and quickly. Auto-dispatch orders.

Actionable insights

Measure traffic to your site and user behaviour on your site.
Inform marketing strategy.

Benefits of Celtrino’s e-commerce solution

Why Celtrino e-commerce integration?

Connectivity is our Unique Selling Proposition. We help government bodies and businesses in the food, retail, healthcare, and cosmetics industries realise their digital ambitions.

Celtrino have been integrating systems of various types for 30 years, and as a result we are well equipped to join diverse systems into a sustainable solution.

We are totally committed to customer success, from inception to project realisation. We have a dedicated customer service team on hand to deal with all customer queries, and a support and maintenance team to carefully monitor and manage integrations on an ongoing basis.

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