Celtrino’s wholesaler solutions are aimed at addressing many of the challenges facing wholesalers today


These challenges mainly come in the form of:

  • Suppliers prioritising larger retail customers over wholesalers
  • Unreliable delivery times from suppliers
  • Inventory Issues
  • Transparent Pricing

We enable wholesalers to track supplier activity/performance from the one platform, and to trade electronically, build better relationships and communicate more effectively with their trading partners.  As a result they are in a position to pay suppliers quicker and it means that all deliveries can be closely monitored. Trading electronically ensures that all documents are stored in a central platform and that any errors in documentation will be automatically detected – leading to less disputes about invoice data.


By using Celtrino’s solutions, wholesalers can:


  • Trade electronically with retailers and suppliers, eliminating manual processes and the potential errors and costs that are associated with it
  • Manage all sales channels from one platform and map orders directly into your ERP system
  • Manage all suppliers in one place and easily on-board new suppliers
  • Track and manage orders, and monitor inventory levels, all in the one place. Notifications will be triggered when inventory is running low.

Benefits of Celtrino’s wholesaler solutions


  • Paperless processes reduce storage clutter and the potential of misplacing documents
  • Manage all suppliers one place
  • Reduce dispute queries
  • Enhance supplier communication and supplier relationships.
  • Enhance fulfilment efforts



Celtrino have 30 years’ experience in delivering wholesale solutions. By investing in Celtrino’s solution, wholesalers can improve supplier relationships and readily address and remedy many of the common issues that face the wholesale sector today.

We easily and seamlessly on-board your trading partners so you can start trading electronically with them. We integrate with all the main back-office system providers, so any documents you exchange with your trading partners will be automatically imported into your ERP systems.

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