Celtrino industry solutions have been developed based on 30 years’ experience of delivering electronic data interchange (EDI) for businesses encompassing a wide variety of sectors from fashion to hardware/DIY to the services sector.


Our solution allows suppliers and buyers to exchange business documents (e.g. orders and invoices) with each other electronically. By connecting to Celtrino’s EDI solution, users can submit documents in whatever format they choose and Celtrino will ensure it securely and seamlessly reaches their trading partner in a readable format. We offer integration with all the main ERP providers, so any documents exchanged will be automatically imported into your back-office systems.

Our e-commerce integration solution allows users to integrate their online shop – and other online marketplaces they sell on – with their back-office systems, so users can exchange documents, track inventory, monitor orders, and manage fulfillment, all from one platform.


No matter what industry you operate in Celtrino can help you:


  • Connect electronically with your trading partners
  • Discover new sales channels and reach new customers/markets
  • Manage your trading partners and sales channels from one platform
  • Benefit from end-to-end business automation

Benefits of Celtrino industry solutions


  • Free up overheads and reduce manual admin processes
  • Store all documents in one platform for audit purposes
  • Reduce storage costs and misplaced data, by going paperless
  • Eliminate data errors – our system will alert users of any discrepancies in any documents.
  • Discover and easily on-board new trading partners



Celtrino have 30 years’ experience delivering bespoke solutions to businesses from a wide variety of industries. We cater for businesses of all sizes, from small entities considering trading electronically for the first time, to large organisations with complex requirements.

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