Procurement Solutions

As a buying group, wholesaler or distributor, the need to meet consumer demand for wider choice and new products means inevitably that you will be dealing with more suppliers.

Traditionally more suppliers would mean additional work as you meet the specific formats for handling invoices, PO’s etc. As a consequence, most business run the risk of outgrowing their existing supply chain process.

The aim for any buying group is to derive maximum value from suppliers by having consistent and efficient processes in place that help develop better relationships.

Our expertise can advise on how best-practice supplier management can improve a whole host of key business processes that offer advantages to both parties, and critically the end customer by providing full visibility of the supply chain including supplier performance.

The Celtrino Advantage:

  • Access a wealth of experience in identifying and removing supply chain obstacles
  • Streamline the entire process of managing suppliers, products and prices with a single unified view of supply chain activity
  • Define and control supplier relationships, collaborate and remove inefficiencies
  • Fully integrate supply chain workflows and communication, automate all business document processing and reduce costs


Watch our dedicated webinar to learn more. The webinar will cover the following topics:


  • Improving supplier & product quality
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Document management and trading formats
  • Product and price attributes
  • Supplier compliance and reporting




Download our guide to managing multiple suppliers