Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Our all-inclusive service automates the accounts receivable process and presents all your invoices in electronic format.

It provides real-time validation and reconciliation of invoices. The status of your e-invoices is tracked in a secure online account, with non-compliant documents routed back to you with detailed rejection reasons.

It means you meet your training partners’ electronic trading demands and can extend them to more customers. It’s also easier for customers to process your e-invoices and meet your payment terms.

Then there’s the knowledge that our Accounts Receivable Service is compatible with any industry formats requested by your customers.

Here’s just a few of the many benefits
of our Accounts Receivable Service

  • Incurs minimal set-up and running costs
  • Provides full visibility of invoices and transaction status via a central repository
  • Reduces the cost of sending an invoice with efficient and speedy deployment
  • Removes the need to track, trace and store paper invoices
  • Integrates with your accounts receivable system and routes e-invoices to your customers in minutes


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