Devised by the European Commission, PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online) enables Public Sector organisations and their suppliers to exchange supply chain documents electronically, such as invoicing, ordering and shipping.

You can connect electronically to any of your suppliers via an access point, as provided by Celtrino.  The buyer simply connect to Celtrino’s system, to issue the appropriate supply chain documents (e.g. order) and these are then transmitted to the supplier, without a need for manual intervention.

Celtrino were the first PEPPOL access point provider in Ireland, and an approved PEPPOL Access Point Provider to all NHS trusts across the UK.

Celtrino has the proven expertise to deliver the efficiencies of PEPPOL to all Public Sector trading partners.

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The Celtrino Way

  • Enable purchase orders and invoices to be exchanged in a standard way electronically, without any manual intervention
  • Paperless, saves time, is cost efficient
  • PEPPOL leads to savings within Public Sector back offices, which can be used for frontline procurement services
  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Improve cash flow management


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Related FAQs

Yes. It’s a secure way to guarantee trading relationships and meet customer demands quicker. We fully manage the EDI service so you and your partners benefit from industry best-practice and proven expertise.
It’s designed for suppliers who want to respond accurately and quickly to a customer’s demand for electronic submission of invoices.
Yes. The service removes time-consuming and error prone manual processing. It automatically validates invoices for payment and notifies you of accepted or rejected invoices.