Celtrino WebEDI is web-based electronic data interchange - a cloud-based EDI service that makes exchanging data with your customers effortless and simple.

Whether you partner with one or more major retailer or company, our WebEDI service is a proven and hugely cost-effective alternative to in-house EDI.

Our detailed analysis of your existing systems will highlight any gaps in the data requirements and message flows between new and legacy systems.

Meanwhile our data driven approach strengthens long-standing relationships with distributors, eliminating paper from the ordering and invoicing process.

We can also implement data transformations, configurations and processes to interface with existing EPR systems.

Our Customer Care Team will manage all communications, testing the switchover process to ensure efficient change over without disrupting your business or trading partners. And of course, we’ll provide you with on-going technical support as required.

‘We needed to deliver a project within a short timeframe so we could focus on our business. We needed our partners to be responsive and efficient, Celtrino absolutely met that need for us’ - Conor Palmer, Commercial Director, Peterson.

The Celtrino Way

  • Migration of ERP system delivered on time and within budget
  • Compliance with customer invoicing requirements
  • Invoicing on-time with no disruption to cash flow
  • An easy to use system
  • An improvement in communications with distributors head office functions



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Related FAQs

Automating the goods received process reduces accounts payable and stock management costs. It removes manual proof of delivery and the need to track, trace and store printed delivery dockets
The service offers full end-to-end visibility of all transactions, it maximises the efficiency of invoice matching and improves the accuracy of invoice data, ensuing smooth relations with your trading partners.
Yes. Automation ensures no more lost proof of delivery documents or delays in receiving signed copies. It reduces sales invoice dispute levels and improves customer satisfaction levels.