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Accounts Payable Automation

Celtrino's Accounts Payable automation service eliminates manual invoice processing with an automated e-invoicing service and reduces your accounts payable costs to less than €1 per invoice.

As finance departments are being tasked to do more with fewer resources there is an increasing focus on reducing the high costs of manual invoice processes. Celtrino's Accounts Payable automation solution is a touchless, ready-to-go E-invoicing service that validates and presents all invoices to your ERP or accounts package for payment.

Diagram: Demonstrates Celtrino’s automated accounts payable electronic invoicing service that eliminates manual invoice processing

Accounts Payable Diagram

  • Reduce costs: the streamlined accounts payable process delivers an immediate reduction in administrative costs
  • Improve efficiencies: An efficient world class accounts payable department that processes invoices with greater efficiency and accuracy than can be achieved with a manual, costly and error prone approach
  • Improve profits: By reducing accounts payable processing transaction costs, taking advantage of supplier discounts and eliminate late-payment penalties
  • Clean data: just clean, approved invoices are fed into your back office system
  • Eliminate paper: By automating the Accounts Payable process you eliminate the need to track, trace and store paper invoices
  • Validation of business rules: Completely configurable so that supplier invoices are auto-matched against purchase orders and other compliance documents. Suppliers are then automatically notified where non-compliance arises and corrective invoice adjustments can be applied before invoice resubmission
  • Real time: Real-time validation and reconciliation of invoices
  • Ease of integration: Designed and engineered to seamlessly integrate with existing and future business processes
  • Exception based workflow: Designed to maximise resource time so that your staff is only notified or called upon when they need to be--on an exception basis
  • PO Flip: Automatically turn purchase orders (POs) into invoices by extracting the data from your customer's purchase order
  • Electronic archiving: All accounts payable invoice files are stored in a secure data archive for as long as required and can be accessed anytime to facilitate dispute resolution, auditing or tax purposes
  • Celtrino Security: Highest grade security is maintained in all the layers of the stack, including the physical, network, application, and data levels. Physical security is achieved via secured access in Europe's leading data centre; network security is achieved with multiple layers of firewalls operating in fail over mode; application and data security is achieved via a range of access control and encryption tools
  • Systems access: The Celtrino platform is designed so as to provide a secure and role-based authentication process that enables each customer to specify access permissions for different users
  • No additional hardware: All Celtrino services are accessed via a web browser with secure log-in so there is no requirement to purchase additional hardware
  • Supplier on-boarding: The Celtrino on-boarding methodology accelerates the roll out of electronic invoicing to your supplier base
  • Reporting: Suite of on-demand reports on the performance of the Accounts Payable process

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