Shopify Connector

Shopify Connector

21 Jun 2019
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Celtrino’s Shopify connector, through an intuitive user interface, enables users to integrate their existing business back-office systems with their Shopify store. This means that when any significant event occurs in their Shopify store, such as a new order being received, this information will in turn be automatically synced with their business systems. As a result, the order can be quickly fulfilled.

This information, along with inventory information, can also be synced with their different other online and offline sales channels to manage their orders, fulfilments and invoicing across each channel, in one central location. As well as that, users can easily update product information and ensure inventory information is always correct.

Users can also integrate with their distributors systems, so that inventory that is held at the distributor locations can be tracked, and users can view it at any time.

Overall the connector acts as a central platform where users can manage catalog data for all of their sales channels. As a result, data can be easily exported between channels, and from the user’s back-office systems, to their Shopify store.

It offers users an innovative and transformative means to amplify their online presence and to open up further revenue streams. With Celtrino making the order processing and inventory tracking so incredibly easy for you, then you have more time to focus on the product.




  • Avoid double entry, human errors and delays with shipping products.
  • Synchronize order and product information directly to their ERP system.
  • Manage all their sales channels in one place.
  • Keep all e-commerce data on one central platform.
  • Easily connect inventory and product data


Why Celtrino?


Connectivity is our Unique Selling Proposition. We help government bodies and businesses in the food, retail, healthcare, and cosmetics industries realise their digital ambitions.

Celtrino have been integrating systems of various types for 30 years, and as a result we are well equipped to join diverse systems into a sustainable solution.

We are totally committed to customer success, from inception to project realisation. We have a dedicated customer service team on hand to deal with all customer queries, and a support and maintenance team to carefully monitor and manage integrations on an ongoing basis.


Contact us today to learn more about integrating your business systems with your Shopify store



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