e-Document Portal

e-Document Portal

e-Document Portal


Celtrino provide an e-document management portal, with a web user interface, through which users can seamlessly exchange electronic documents with their suppliers via the Celtrino Network.


Our e-document portal facilitates straight through processing of electronic documents to users’ back office systems.



Celtrino’s e-document portal ensures buyers and suppliers can exchange electronic invoices and orders and process them online. Regardless of what format the documents are sent in, we ensure that you will receive them in a format so they can be automatically processed and mapped into your back office systems.

With Celtrino’s portal, users have the ability to visualize, download and print their electronic invoices and orders in a clear and user friendly layout, that is similar in layout to a typical paper invoice/order. Users can download their e-invoices, using both XML and CSV structured data formats.

The portal also provides users with the necessary information as to why certain e-document transactions have failed to complete successfully. Users can access these details through the portal without the need to contact customer service and support, thus saving them time in the dispute resolution process.


Public Sector


As of Directive 2014/55/EU, since April 2019, all EU public sector bodies must be compliant to receive invoices electronically from their suppliers. To facilitate this, Celtrino’s e-document portal ensures buyers can receive European standard compliant e-invoices and process them online.

Users can also set up and track their registration in Celtrino’s Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) service, and manage their profile.


The Portal provides users with the ability to download reports that provide:


  • Current and historical (up to the previous 12 months) information relating to the processing and exchange of e-documents via the portal.
  • Spend and procurement related analysis and insights.

Why Celtrino?


On April 2019, Celtrino were chosen as the single supplier of e-invoicing services to Irish public sector bodies in accordance with Directive 2014/55/EU.  As part of our obligation we provide an e-document portal to users.

Having served the electronic business needs of various sectors for nearly 30 years, Celtrino has unrivalled experience of providing customers with e-document solutions.

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