Products and Services

Products and Services

Robotic Process Automation

RPA solutions essentially mimic or emulate selected tasks within business processes. These tasks may include manipulating data, passing data to and from applications, triggering responses, or even executing transactions. Celtrino RPA solutions simply sit alongside a company’s existing infrastructure.



PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On-line) enables public sector organisations to electronically exchange business documentation (e.g orders and invoices) with their suppliers. It came about as a means of creating a cross-border messaging standard across Europe, and increasing efficiencies in public sector trading.



EDI enables businesses to exchange purchase orders, invoices, advance shipping notices, and other business documents directly from one business system to the other, without the need for any human intervention.


API Connectors

Celtrino’s API connectors include e-commerce and warehouse management integration solutions. Shopify and Proteus are examples of the connectors that we offer. Celtrino’s Shopify connector enables users to integrate their existing business systems with their Shopify store (and to create a Shopify store if they don’t already have one). The Proteus Connector provides an integration service between a users’ Proteus Warehousing Management System (WMS) and Celtrino’s TradeHub platform.


Best Deal Sourcing

Celtrino’s Strategic Sourcing Solution, ‘Best Deal Sourcing’, allows retailers/buying groups/wholesalers to order products with a best-matched supplier. This is based on pre-determined criteria, such as price, availability, minimum order values and delivery time.


E-Document Portal

Celtrino’s e-document portal ensures buyers and suppliers can exchange electronic invoices and orders and process them online. With a web user interface, it’s an e-document management portal through which users can seamlessly exchange electronic documents with their suppliers via the Celtrino Network