Procurement Solutions

TradeHub:Buy is a purpose-built solution for efficiently managing procurement processes such as the exchange of e-orders and e-invoices with suppliers.

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Procurement Made Easy

  • Streamline the entire process Streamline the entire process of managing suppliers, products and prices with a single unified view of supply chain activity.
  • Define and control supplier relationships Define and control supplier relationships, collaborate and remove inefficiencies.
  • Fully integrate supply chain workflows and communication Fully integrate supply chain workflows and communication, automate all business document processing and reduce costs.
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Intelligent Procurement Solutions


Powerful supplier portal automates
Powerful supplier portal automates the processing and tracking of all supply chain documents; invoices, purchase orders, despatch advice, order responses, credit notes and more.
A single pipeline that distributes quality
A single pipeline that distributes quality data to ERP and Accounts Payable systems.
A fully functional vendor portal
A fully functional vendor portal that lets you define your trading requirements and helps partners adapt quickly.
Automate supplier on-boarding and registration
Automate supplier on-boarding and registration.

Best Practice Supplier Management

This powerful supplier portal allows you to:


Define your product information and pricing attributes, access product catalogues, compare supplier prices and trading capabilities

Reflect your business processes and align them with your suppliers

Ensure the correct allocation of resources for the volume of business transacted for all suppliers

Gain visibility of all trading activities and engage effortlessly with trading partners

Identify and resolve emerging supplier issues quickly

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Purchase to Pay Automation Expertise

Access a wealth of experience in finding and removing supply chain obstacles. We understand the problems because we’ve been solving them for nearly 30 years. We have vast expertise in aligning supply chain needs with electronic messaging formats and back office systems. As customer needs have evolved, we’ve combined our know-how to develop TradeHub:Buy, the complete procurement solution.

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