PEPPOL SMP - Connect Once, Connect to All

PEPPOL SMP - Connect Once, Connect to All

17 Jan 2019
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PEPPOL essentially is about linking isolated e-businesses into an environment where everyone can electronically send and receive business documents with each other. But to receive documents in such an environment, a company needs to be registered on the PEPPOL Network, using a PEPPOL service called an SMP.



To successfully send a business document electronically, critical information about the recipient (destination) of that document needs to be known.

Information such as the destination address, the type of document that the recipient is capable of receiving and the methods of transport that are supported for that document type are all integral to a successful document transfer.

In this scenario (image below) otherwise known as a 4-corner network, the sender and the receiver exchange electronic business documents through intermediary gateway services called Access Points. The receiver makes the critical metadata information available to the other entities in the network through the Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).





PEPPOL SMP is much like an address book in that it contains important data such as receiving addresses (URLs) and supported document types that is needed for the electronic document to reach the receiver.


SMP Registration

By registering on an SMP on the PEPPOL Network, a company can electronically send business documents to any other entity in the Network such as Public Sector bodies or any other Private companies that also are registered.

The PEPPOL Network is extremely beneficial for all public and private entities, with reduction of processing costs and time, reduction of storage costs, reduction of printing and postage costs, being just a few of its advantages. The PEPPOL Network has been selected by the Irish Government as its means of providing and complying with the EU e-invoicing Directive 2014/55/EU which comes into force in April.

And if your organisation already uses an existing P2P solution, Celtrino as your Access Point provider is able to connect you to any of the many other organisations within the PEPPOL network.

For your company to be included on the Celtrino PEPPOL SMP, all that is required is for you to email [email protected] with a request to register. Celtrino will fulfil your request and get your company signed up to the Celtrino PEPPOL SMP.


Celtrino PEPPOL

Celtrino is one of the longest serving members of OpenPEPPOL. Having served the electronic business needs of various sectors for nearly 30 years, Celtrino has unrivalled experience of providing customers with supply chain excellence. Celtrino’s messaging services have now officially passed both PEPPOL AS4 Testing and European Commission AS4 interoperability testing. The objective of the AS4EU Project is to upgrade eDeliverysolutions throughout Europe.

Celtrino have been selected for European funding by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for the AS4EU Project. The CEF is implemented by the INEA.

This objective of this funding is to upgrade our digital services infrastructure to support the exchange and processing of the new European Norm for e-invoicing (Directive 2014/55/EU), using the latest eDelivery components (including AS4 and SMP).

The adoption of the Directive 2014/55/EU is mandatory for European public bodies and has numerous benefits for private companies. It removes technical barriers to trade, and increases market access and international trade.

Talk to a Celtrino PEPPOL expert today, or visit our website for more information.

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