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Powerful Purpose-Built Supply Chain Solutions

Forget Manual Keying Errors

With Celtrino Sales Order Management, you receive orders for all customers in a single interface. Sales orders are instantly uploaded and converted into any file format to be processed. Order automation makes costly and error prone manual data entry a thing of the past. Order management is fully automated to increase your profits and reduce management costs.

  • Converts, validates and posts all sales orders Converts, validates and posts all sales orders.
  • Enables your customers to place orders 24/7 Enables your customers to place orders 24/7.
  • Eliminates trade cycle inefficiencies Eliminates trade cycle inefficiencies.
  • resolve disputes and audit requests Offers quick access to resolve disputes and audit requests,

With the ability to effortlessly receive and track customer orders from end-to-end, our order service is speedy and secure.

Purchase Order functionality supports all your buyer forecasting, order placement and replenishment needs. The tool confirms your trading partner’s ability to supply the product or flags possible alternatives. You won’t end up carrying excess stock because it’s way simpler to maintain optimum levels.

Supply chain expertise makes you more competitive, it removes errors and helps you give your customers better service.


Related FAQs

Automated processing enables customers to place orders 24/7. Instant order capture eliminates manual filing which allows you to deliver exactly what the customer ordered faster.
Automated processing reduces costs, eliminates keying errors and the time spent entering data. It improves order management, margins and profits. Supply chain documents like sales orders and goods receipts can be instantly converted or ‘flipped’ into invoices and automatically sent back.
Sales orders from your customers are automatically converted, validated and posted to the system to be processed.