Accounts Payable Automation

We offer a ready-to-go e-invoicing service that validates and presents all invoices to your ERP or accounts package for payment. It processes invoices with greater efficiency and accuracy than can be achieved with manual, error prone systems. By eliminating manual invoice processing and providing e-invoicing, our Accounts Payable service streamlines accounts payable process and reduces admin costs.

Accounts Payable:

    • Provides real-time validation and reconciliation of invoices
    • Eliminates the need to track, trace and store paper invoices.
    • Auto-matches invoices against purchase orders and other compliance documents.
    • Automatically turns purchase orders into invoices with Celtrino's PO Flip feature
    • Provides clean data (only approved invoices are fed into your back office system)
    • Notifies suppliers  of non-compliant invoices with adjustment applied before resubmission.

All accounts payable invoice files are stored in a secure archive and can be accessed anytime. Accelerates the roll out of electronic invoicing to new and existing suppliers. Designed to integrate with existing and future business processes.