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A touchless invoice service gives you the ability to trade electronically with more buyers.

Never Print an Invoice Again

eInvoicing from Celtrino automates the accounts payable and accounts receivable process, reducing costs and removing the need for manual systems. A touchless invoice service gives you the ability to trade electronically with more buyers. By reshaping your approach to business administration, eInvoicing realises a host of benefits for you and your customers;

  • Improve cash flows Improve cash flows and shortens the payment cycle.
  • Routes invoices Routes invoices to customers in minutes.
  • Eliminates paper-based systems Eliminates paper-based systems and resulting errors.
  • Instantly validates invoices Instantly validates invoices for payment and isolates problem cases.
  • invoice management costs Significantly reduces invoice management costs.

All invoices are presented in electronic format and processed within a secure online account. There’s no need for internal software or expensive IT resources. Designed to easily integrate with existing systems, eInvoicing eases the burden on finance teams by removing the need to manually approve, track and store paper invoices.

Instant visibility of all transactions, react quickly to customer demands and access real-time data for better decision making.

Related FAQs

It’s designed for suppliers who want to respond accurately and quickly to a customer’s demand for electronic submission of invoices.
Yes. The service removes time-consuming and error prone manual processing. It automatically validates invoices for payment and notifies you of accepted or rejected invoices.
Invoices and credit notes are transmitted electronically to buyers. Clean invoices are fed directly into the buyers’ system, where they are automatically verified.