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Manual processing of business documents such as invoices and purchase orders is now widely considered inefficient, costly and error-prone. Converting your manual processes to automated processes using electronic transfer of documents was once considered expensive and complex. The early EDI technology usually meant significant costs in terms of technology and manpower in establishing these trading relationships and - to a greater extent - maintaining them to ensure business continued.

These complexities and difficulties have largely been consigned to history with new technology and the trend for outsourcing. Those companies that still do not trade electronically are in danger of being left behind with many facing demands from trading partners that they do so.

  • No longer rely on outdated systems that aren’t fit for purpose
  • Save time and resources by removing current EDI costs and the need for in-house technology
  • Simplify the process of responding to customer EDI demands
  • Guarantee trading relationships and limit the risk of outages and security threats
  • Easy to grow your EDI connections to support business growth

Our industry leading platform and experienced staff offer unrivalled expertise. End of lifecycle EDI systems don’t have the usage, volume and functionality to adapt to changing business needs. Avoid new customer on-boarding and set-up delays.

Our first-class Help Desk Team is a phone call away for support and advice.

If you are a supplier of B&Q, Harvey Norman or Marks & Spencer, Celtrino can help you establish secure and stable trading relationships with them. Please contact us to talk to an expert.


Outsourced EDI Services

Save on direct and indirect costs:

      • Reduce EDI software costs Reduce EDI software costs by a minimum 25% .
      • Free up Finance and IT resources Free up Finance and IT resources for value-add activities.
      • Eliminate pricing Eliminate pricing, order and invoicing errors.
      • No need to purchase hardware No need to purchase hardware or network infrastructure.
      • No additional staffing No additional staffing or maintenance cost



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Related FAQs

Yes. It removes the need for in-house systems, hardware and network infrastructure. It removes operating costs and frees up resources. The potential costs of problems with unsupported legacy systems are no longer an issue
Our service integrates seamlessly with all ERP and back office applications, but there’s no requirement to have one. It’s a cloud hosted, secure and fully supported service.
Yes. It’s a secure way to guarantee trading relationships and meet customer demands quicker. We fully manage the EDI service so you and your partners benefit from industry best-practice and proven expertise.