One size fits all with PO Flip from Celtrino

One size fits all with PO Flip from Celtrino

20 Feb 2018
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What is OrderFlip and How does it work?


OrderFlip can be a valuable tool in the order to cash process.

It is frequently the case that a supplier’s back-office system may not be suited to adapt to the various supply chain demands of key customers.  It may be too expensive to change the system or the changes may take too long to implement.

By using Celtrino’s OrderFlip service, documents that are exchanged electronically (e.g. EDI) can be automatically imported into a supplier’s back-office application to keep the systems synchronised. OrderFlip integrates with any back-office system and enables suppliers to view and capture any customer purchase order and to convert a purchase order into any one or a combination of the following documents:

  • Generate Order acknowledgement
  • Generate Order fulfilment commitment
  • Generate Despatch advice
  • Generate Invoice
  • Generate Credit note




  • Integrates with all back-office systems
  • Supports all buyer digital supply chain initiatives
  • Is suitable for all business sectors


The benefits of OrderFlip


OrderFlip is quick and easy to use and allows suppliers to comply in a timely manner with a customer request to participate in its digital supply chain initiative.

OrderFlip allows suppliers to create invoices in seconds rather than re-typing data that is already on the PO, saving time/cost in the Accounts receivable process. Reduction of time expenditure in accounts administration has the added benefit of freeing up finance staff to focus on other areas of their roles. Also, the business does not need as many paid employees and additional resources to carry out its procurement needs.

Celtrino’s network offers a secure connection and guarantees delivery of the invoice to the customer within seconds.


Usage Scenarios


  • I need to view a purchase order on The Celtrino Platform so that I can see what my customer has ordered from me
  • I need to print a purchase order so that I can hand it to my warehouse staff to pick
  • I need to achieve my digital operational performance objectives
  • I need to be able to inform my buyers of the quantity I can fulfill/have dispatched based on their order
  • I need to be able to send an invoice to my customer that will match first time every time.
  • I need to save the invoice so that I can retrieve it later
  • I need to print the invoice so that I can retain a copy for my records


OrderFlip is ideal for low Volume Suppliers.


To see how OrderFlip can meet your business needs contact us today

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