Celtrino Server Migration

Celtrino Server Migration

14 Dec 2019

A data center migration can seem incredibly daunting – and understandably so as there are many moving parts when undertaking this type of project for any company.

Create a Detailed Plan of the Process

Regardless of the current organizational structure, when taking on a project as significant as a data center migration it is vital to create a plan of action before starting. How this plan is created, who is in charge of creating it or what exactly goes into the plan will depend on each organization’s needs and resources. Having a solid understanding of the environment from the start was an essential key when creating a detailed plan for a data centre migration.

Assemble a Dream Team

Having people on board who can appreciate the importance of a seamless data center migration (and assist in doing so) is indispensable. Having the right staff can greatly improve the process of such an important project. This doesn’t just refer to IT, but project managers and upper management as well.

A data center migration has the potential to vastly improve an organization’s current solution. Research and planning are the start of a successful migration.


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