Celtrino receive EU funding to upgrade e-invoicing solutions

Celtrino receive EU funding to upgrade e-invoicing solutions

3 Sep 2019

Celtrino and Dublin Simon Community are collaborating on a digital transformation program


Celtrino are excited to announce a collaboration with Dublin Simon Community to add digital services to Dublin Simon’s purchase to pay process.

Key features of the digital journey include e-invoicing,  advanced invoice approval management and intelligent business rules validations as key features.  All aspects of the program are underpinned with PEPPOL and compliance to the European Standard (EN) . This will provide Dublin Simon with a platform to scale their digital journey over time and take advantage of the benefits of the European standards that PEPPOL supports.

The initiative is supported by EURINV.


Celtrino Receive EU Funding


EURINV is an e-invoicing project co-financed by the European Commission within the CEF Telecom Program, managed by the INEA (Executive Agency of Innovation and Networks).

This European initiative is overall aimed at strengthening the use of e-invoicing between public bodies and private entities in the European Union.

The objective of the EURINV project is to upgrade e-invoicing solutions from 7 EDI providers, which are certified PEPPOL Access Points, as well as the solutions from two use cases to comply with the European Standard (EN) on e-invoicing. As part of the project Celtrino, a certified EDI provider and PEPPOL access point, are tasked with empowering the Dublin Simon Community with the capability to receive EN compliant invoices. Celtrino have received funding from the CEF to upgrade our digital services infrastructure to include syntaxes approved by The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) – UBL 2.1 and CII – and with achieving advanced e-invoicing functionalities.

The project is coordinated by the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) with the support of LMT Group for technical and administrative aspects. The consortium of 7 EDI providers and 2 public institutions are from several Member States (Belgium, Finland, Italy, The Netherland, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany and Slovakia)..


EU Directive


The adoption of the Directive 2014/55/EU is mandatory for European public bodies and it has numerous benefits for both public and private companies.

The use of the European Standard helps the EU industry to increase access to international markets. According to DIGIT there are over 150,000 e-invoice receiving organisations connected across 20 European countries.

Depending on the level of automation, moving to electronic invoicing can generate savings of between €4 – 12 per invoice. Many users have been able to reduce invoice processing costs by 50-75%, with a return on investment of over 60% per annum.

To find out more about the Directive and to speak to a Celtrino expert today, contact us.



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