Celtrino is now AS4 Compliant

Celtrino is now AS4 Compliant

2 Feb 2019
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Celtrino is pleased to announce that its messaging services have now officially passed both PEPPOL AS4 Testing and European Commission AS4 interoperability testing.

The AS4 and AS2 open standards are fully integrated into the Celtrino PEPPOL Access Point services, Celtrino eDelivery services and the Celtrino SMP services. These Celtrino products are essential digital market components for Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Government (B2G) and Government-to-Government (G2G) networks, delivering interoperability, scalability, security and legal assurance and accountability

The Access Point and eDelivery services are part of Celtrino TradeHub platform to help you reduce business risk, reduce your operating costs and improve business quality.

What is AS4?

AS4 is a communication protocol and an open standard for the secure exchange of B2B and B2G document exchanges. It is an upgrade of the widely used AS2 specification. The use of AS4 is being adopted in increasing numbers amongst all types of organisations, due to its advantages in relation to security, data integrity, the reliability of data transfer, and communications traceability.

Find the PEPPOL AS4 profile here

The adoption of AS4 in the PEPPOL network, as an evolution of AS2, is part of a process to eliminate risks caused by the implementation of a new protocol.

According to ec.europa.eu, on 13 February 2019, following on from a process which was implemented in 2016, the PEPPOL Authorities within OpenPEPPOL decided to make support for the PEPPOL AS4 profile mandatory. This decision will take effect as of 1 February 2020.

Until this date support for PEPPOL AS2 remains mandatory and support for PEPPOL AS4 remains optional. However, from 1 February 2020, this will be reversed with support for PEPPOL AS2 becoming optional and support for PEPPOL AS4 becoming mandatory.

New entrants to the PEPPOL e-Delivery Network may support only the PEPPOL AS4 profile from 1 August 2019, however.

Celtrino PEPPOL

As a PEPPOL Access Point Provider, Celtrino enables public sector bodies and private companies to transfer and receive documents and data in the soon to be mandatory AS4 format.

Celtrino is also a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP), meaning there is no need to work with external third parties to discover the necessary trading capabilities and details of other registered PEPPOL users, when sending them electronic documentation.

EU Funding

Celtrino have been selected for European funding by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for the AS4EU project. The CEF is implemented by the INEA.

This objective of this funding is to upgrade our digital services infrastructure to support the exchange and processing of the new European Norm for e-invoicing (Directive 2014/55/EU), using the latest eDelivery components (including AS4 and SMP).

The adoption of the Directive 2014/55/EU is mandatory for European public bodies and has numerous benefits for private companies. It removes technical barriers to trade, and increases market access and international trade.

eDelivery has several benefits for all public and private parties, for example the reduction of processing costs and time, the reduction of storage costs, and the reduction of printing and postage costs.

The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Celtrino and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union.  

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