Taking care of the NHS to save costs and improve efficiencies

13 Oct

Taking care of the NHS to save costs and improve efficiencies

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

The say that ‘health is wealth’. And in the context of a supply chain it really is. According to a 2016 government review of NHS trusts, most didn’t know ‘what they buy, how much they buy, and what they pay’ for goods and services. That’s a lack of knowledge regarding expenditure of £20bn a year (30% of the operating costs of each hospital). No wonder procurement professionals were feeling sick.

The reality is that there is a wide price differentiation between suppliers of similar products. And with demand for healthcare services only set to increase as people live longer, and more advanced treatments become available, the challenges are stark for NHS trusts - particularly in the wake of new 2017 Department of Health guidelines with obligations to:

  • Supply monthly purchase order information to NHS Improvement.
  • Ensure prompt payment of invoices down the supply chain.
  • Publish monthly accounts of total spend with each supplier.

These are precisely the types of challenges Celtrino specialise in rectifying - with our PEPPOL experts able to advice on everything from supplier management to e-invoicing.

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