08 Aug

PEPPOL - The Benefits and Basics

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-line. PEPPOL enables Public Sector organisations and their suppliers to exchange documents electronically, such as invoices and orders. 

PEPPOL came about as a means of creating a cross-border messaging standard across Europe.

PEPPOL ‘authorities’ are government entities that promote PEPPOL at national level in Europe. The NHS are the UK authority, for example.

OpenPEPPOL, a not-for-profit body, are responsible for the development of the PEPPOL standards and its ongoing implementation.


How does it work?

The Public sector buyer and their supplier are connected to each other via access points, such as provided by Celtrino

  • Suppliers connect to Celtrino’s system to issue the appropriate supply chain documents.
  • These are then transmitted to the buyer, with no manual intervention on either side.
  • Suppliers don’t have to work with the same access point provider as the buyer.

There are three ways to access PEPPOL. Through the web, via your ERP system or an e-business tool.

Accessing via the web involves high manual activity, so it is recommended that those who work with a large volume of transactions access PEPPOL via the other two options – even if it is a higher investment.

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Main Benefits of PEPPOL

  • Enables documents such as purchase orders and invoices to be exchanged electronically between buyers and suppliers, without any manual intervention.
  • Paperless, saves time, and is cost efficient
  • On-boarding is simple, taking a matter of minutes, and trading relations are improved as you can be paid more efficiently.
  • Without PEPPOL, suppliers would have to handle numerous different formats when trading with the public sector.
  • Adopting PEPPOL enables you to enter and expand in new European markets.

Why Celtrino?

Celtrino have 30 years’ experience in electronic trading and were the first PEPPOL access point provider in Ireland. We have been involved since the early days in helping to define PEPPOL standards. In November 2016 we were offered a place on the UK’s NHS PEPPOL framework.


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