Food and Drink Event

28 Aug

Collaborate for an innovative food island at must attend event

Patrick Redfern

Patrick Redfern   Leadership bio

The 4th National Food and Drink Business Conference gets underway on Wednesday, Sept 13th at City West, Dublin.

This event is the largest gathering of food industry professionals on the island of Ireland. Leading players from the food processing, retail and food service industries will gather for a range of seminars and discussions.

Challenging year

Key issues like currency fluctuations, trade agreements, legislation and supply chain management, will be addressed in the context of what Brexit means for the Irish Food Industry.

On a more positive note, the conference will explore the recent growth of the agri-food sector in Ireland.

A new survey shows that 53 per cent of companies in the sector reported rapid growth during the first quarter of 2017. 

Agri-food firms are innovating with new processes and products to take advantage of opportunities from the health and wellness consumer agenda. 

The show will also focus on improving traceability and consumer trust, and the latest ingredients and super foods to make an impact on the industry.

Complex supply chain

In keeping with the theme, Celtrino Founder Ken Halpin will present on the topic of digital transformation in retail grocery symbol groups.

Ken has chosen a case study of a progressive Irish Symbol Group Operator’s journey to supply chain automation.

The session will explore how Celtrino delivered visibility of a complex chilled distribution model, with the inherent benefits of:

  • dynamic touchscreen ordering
  • fast and seamless order to delivery cycle
  • advanced reporting
  • multiple cost reductions

Event details

Where: CityWest, Dublin  / When: Wednesday, Sept 13th, 2017


Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Bakery, Confectionery, Convenience Foods, Fresh Produce, Snacks, Brewing, Distilling, Soft Drinks, Bottled Water,

Exhibitors will showcase: 

Ingredients, Process Engineering, Packaging Equipment & Materials, Information Technology, Logistics, Materials Handling, Food Safety, Sustainability, Training & Education, Energy, Water, Waste Management, Sustainable Technology

Visit the Celtrino stand to discover how we can help you deliver supply chain efficiency that improves performance. 

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