Are you a food producer looking to scale your business?

19 Jun

Are you a food producer looking to scale your business?

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

There are a number of associations and accelerator programs available to help you get your business up and running, and to kick-start your journey to getting listed with key retailers. However, maintaining a retail presence and growing market share is a challenge for many. 90% of new food and drink businesses fail in their first year.

There are many reasons for this, with many entrepreneurs placing too much emphasis on their product instead of building a brand, struggling to establish and manage relationships with distributors and failing to communicate the right message for their brand. A lot of first-time entrepreneurs make big mistakes in supply chain and cash flow management as well as underestimating the challenge of distribution.

Nowadays, there is lots of competition for space on the shelves at the major retailers. Food producers need to ensure their product stands out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. A clear focus needs to be maintained on the overall brand offering, and start-ups need a clear means of promoting the product benefits, the unique selling proposition (USP), and any key ingredients/allergens of note.

Overall, the end goal is getting your product beyond the retailer to the end-user. Generally, there are many actors involved in this process, and these all make up the supply chain. However with the rise in online selling (e-commerce), many producers are availing of alternative methods to reach their end user directly. This mainly comes in the form of an online shop, built within the website and supported by platforms such as Shopify.

In many cases, food producers don’t have sufficient resources to manage all the aspects of their business, such as operating an online shop, promoting to retailers and also monitoring retail activity and sales. YouGov found that the biggest struggles facing small and mid-sized businesses in the UK are in relation to administrative tasks taking up too much of their time, at the expense of activities that encourage growth strategically. Nearly 70% of these business owners described running their operations as “a constant challenge” and 25% admitted they spend less than an hour each day on “proactive business growth”.

It helps to have a partner that can manage these functions, freeing up valuable time to focus on the day-to-day running of the business. Celtrino fits this description and as such a partner, enables you to: 

  • Manage all your orders in a single place
  • Connect to Celtrino's vast EDI network – which consists of the major retailers in Ireland, the UK and Europe.
  • Meet the trading requirements of your grocery buying groups allowing you to focus on your products

Celtrino have developed a platform that provides food producers with:

  • An e-Commerce website to market goods and manage orders. Having your own E-commerce site will help you level the playing field against the big brands allowing you to quickly grow your brand by marketing your products directly
  • A new higher margin sales channel direct to your customers
  • A powerful marketing platform to promote your products


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