4 ways Outsourced EDI keeps your business on track

05 Dec

4 ways Outsourced EDI keeps your business on track

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Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

Keeping up with key customer EDI demands is complex and expensive. Outdated legacy systems make it more difficult for customers to do business with you. That could prevent you from forming new trading relationships.

Any company that deals with supply chain transactions must remove obstacles for their buyers. That’s only going to get harder as old back office systems struggle to keep up with current business needs before eventually becoming obsolete.

How scalable is your current solution in terms of usage, volume and functionality? If your EDI solution isn’t fit for purpose, it won’t grow in line with your customers’ expectations.

Time for an EDI rethink? We’ve put together a list of the issues you should consider.

1. Streamlines new trading relationships

There’s no getting away from it, EDI is complex. It’s also now an essential part of doing business.
Users of legacy EDI systems experience difficulties with;

• Connection protocols, data formats and back office systems
• Set-up variations and testing requirements
• Different file formats for each trading partner
• Multiple supplier and buyer trading divisions

Clunky set-up processes can result in on-boarding delays and poor customer engagement, not to mention the drain on your IT and Accounts resources.
With Managed EDI, new relationships are set-up in a matter of hours. The on-going operation of your EDI is no longer an issue. From the customer’s perspective they can continue to run their business with minimum disruption.

2. First-rate customer service

Inefficient EDI ties up accounting and IT resources that could be deployed to better effect elsewhere.
Because outsourcing your EDI reduces the cost of ownership, you can invest in supporting customers. A proven supply chain messaging system minimises mistakes and delays. It means you can guarantee great service from when a new trading partner is set up, until they go live and beyond.

3. Avoids persistent issues

EDI depends on a constant flow of information between supplier and retailer. Interruptions can cause problems. Issues that arise from outdated procedures can cost your business. A fully managed, outsourced EDI service handles all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Outsourcing your EDI:

• Constantly monitors your EDI flow to avoid problems
• Gets rid of manual data input and paper based system
• Avoids errors and confusion over billing, invoicing and supply chain logistics
• Eliminates the maintenance costs of internally hosted and supported EDI systems

4. Speed, accuracy and security

Internally managed Desktop EDI systems are susceptible to hardware failure. If you’ve not replaced your hardware and your PC goes down, your Desktop EDI goes with it. Then it’s a case of reasserting all your trading relationships.

When a virus creeps into an EDI system it can wipe it. Many companies have back-up systems they’ve never tried restoring. That’s a big financial risk because you’re running your key accounts through an EDI system. A Managed EDI service ensures that malware, security and back-up procedures are always in place.

It is rare for a company to replace a specialist solution – such as desktop EDI – when it is working. The problem with long installed software like this, is that it may only be compatible with older hardware and operating systems which are now unsupported and on the way to becoming totally obsolete. This is a major risk to your business.

Celtrino’s Managed EDI platform is the leading all-in-one solution for your B2B supply chain trading needs. It integrates with your choice of accounts package and supports all file types.
We provide total peace of mind that your EDI is being managed for you by experts.

If your current system has reached the end of its lifecycle, then it’s time to look at moving to a new cost-effective outsourced solution. Your customers will thank you.

Our industry leading platform and experienced staff offer unrivalled expertise. End of lifecycle EDI systems don’t have the usage, volume and functionality to adapt to changing business needs. Avoid new customer on-boarding and set-up delays.

Read our guide to Outsourced EDI here

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